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Twelve years after exploring pandora and joining the navi, jake sully has considering raised a own family with neytiri and mounted himself inside the clans of the brand new global. Of course, peace can best ultimate so long. Specially whilst the army company from the authentic film returns to “end what they started”.

The origins of the maximals and the predacons. Preserves optimus high and the way he became the chief of the autobots during 1994.

Jurassic world: dominion is an upcoming american science fiction journey film directed through colin trevorrow, who wrote the screenplay with emily carmichael, primarily based on a story with the aid of trevorrow and his writing associate, derek connolly

One man must race against time to stop history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds as they get together to plot a war that could wipe out millions of people and destroy humanity.

Spider-guy: no manner domestic is an upcoming american superhero film based totally on the wonder comics person spider-man, co-produced by way of columbia pictures and wonder studios, and distributed by means of sony snap shots liberating

A girl in Colombia faces the frustration of being the only member of her family who doesn't have magical powers.

The eternals are a team of ancient extraterrestrial beings who've been residing on earth in secret for heaps of years. When an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows, they're compelled to reunite in opposition to mankind’s maximum ancient enemy, the deviants.

Bond has left active carrier and is taking part in a tranquil life in jamaica. His peace is brief-lived when his vintage friend felix leiter from the cia turns up asking for help. The assignment to rescue a kidnapped scientist seems to be a long way greater treacherous than predicted, leading bond onto the path of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new era.

Van helsing's mysterious new invention transforms drac and his pals into humans, and johnny into a monster. With their new mismatched our bodies, drac and the percent need to discover a way to switch themselves returned earlier than their adjustments grow to be permanent.

Shang-Chi is a master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based wushu styles, including the use of the gun, nunchaku, and jian.


Supervillains harley quinn, bloodsport, peacemaker and a group of nutty cons at belle reve jail join the brilliant-secret, terrific-shady mission force x as they're dropped off at the faraway, enemy-infused island of corto maltese.

An epic myth adventure based totally on the timeless arthurian legend, the green knight tells the story of sir gawain, king arthur’s reckless and headstrong nephew, who embarks on a bold quest to confront the eponymous inexperienced knight, a tremendous emerald-skinned stranger and tester of guys.

Dr. Lily houghton enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper frank wolff to take her down the amazon in his ramshackle boat. Collectively, they search for an historical tree that holds the power to heal -- a discovery to be able to trade the destiny of medicine.

An historic eastern extended family referred to as the arashikage welcomes tenacious loner snake eyes after he saves the lifestyles of their inheritor apparent. Upon arrival in japan, the arashikage teach him the approaches of the ninja warrior at the same time as additionally offering him something he is been craving for: a home

Heroes ought to team up to combat the arcane order for manipulate over the magic that binds all of them.

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